Mystery Pack

Mystery packs contain a mixture 4 items at an amazing price!

These are older stock that I’d like to move out to make way for new and exciting pieces. They’re all good quality earrings, there is nothing wrong with them.

There’s glittery earrings, fruity earrings, aboriginal earrings, floral earrings, hair clips, hoops - a whole mixture. But it’s a mystery as to what you’ll get!  There won’t be any double ups and you’ll get either 4 pairs of earrings (2 dangles/2 studs) or 3 earrings (at least 1 dangle) and 1 hair clip. 

There are no ‘occasion’ earrings such as Christmas or Easter, included in the packs. 

Priced to clear and well below cost price! You could save around $80 - $100 off each pack!

*There are no returns or refunds available on these packs. 

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