Meet the Artist


Yah! (Palawa Kani word for Hello). 

My name is Annie. I was born and raised on the North West Coast of lutruwita (Tasmania). I am a proud Aboriginal woman, which stems from my matriarchal side, my great grandmother, who unfortunately was part of the stolen generation. She was born in South Yarra, Victoria and taken to work as a servant in NSW. Despite years of research we have been unable to find our mob, yet we continue researching to this day.  It is upsetting to not know where you come from. It’s hard to not be able to connect with your own. I have been racially vilified throughout my youth and as an adult, being told I’m not black enough or that I shouldn’t identify because I don’t know my mob, called names, among many other things. This really takes its toll on someone. Being Aboriginal was not something that was discussed 30+ years ago. It was a taboo subject and a subject of shame. Although it is something that is widely discussed these days, I still feel shame that I don’t know my direct ancestors, and I probably never will. But that is something I have to live with. 

Art has always been in my blood. I grew up loving art and creating. I studied art, photography and graphic design in college where all of my works took on an abstract form. My mother is an Aboriginal potter, creating beautiful works of art featuring Aboriginal designs which are exhibited at the Canberra Museum. My uncle is an Elder out of country, which is very humbling. He is also an accomplished Aboriginal artist and musician, playing the saxophone and didgeridoo. It was inevitable that I would follow in their footsteps.

My painting style is contemporary and has been developed through mentoring from both my mother and my uncle. It is my way of connecting to my Aboriginal heritage and to country, where much of my inspiration comes from.  It allows me to tell stories my way, in a contemporary way, while also being visually appealing through the use of colour and brush stroke.

The country on which I live and work, tommeginne country, is rich with fertile soil, coastline, waterways and bushlands, as well as inland mountainous regions. There will always be elements of these in my artwork. I am an artist member of the Aboriginal Art Association of Australia and the Indigenous Art Code.

My other love is abstract art. I am an intuitive artist. I love the freedom of abstract art and how I don’t have to have a plan. I just paint what the hand and brush feel like at the time. I like my art to have lots of colour, texture and enjoy using different mediums. I love to introduce different elements and tools to create patterns and textures. 

Apart from art, I'm a mum to two teenage boys, wife of 18 years and aside from making beautiful jewellery and painting, footy (AFL) is our life.

All my jewellery pieces, both abstract and Aboriginal, are small works of art, with no two pieces being exactly the same.  My jewellery is handpainted and made with love and passion. I love what I do and I want that to shine through in my pieces. I want you to feel that when you wear my art. 

Thankyou for your interest in my works and I do hope you find something you fall in love with.



2021 - Public Art Prize, Hive, Ulverstone

2021 - Reconciliation Action Plan, Central Coast Council

2021 - Numerous private commissions

2021 - Commissioned to paint an artwork for the North West Renal Unit, Tasmanian Health Service

2022 - Private commissions