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05. D

05. D

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STORY: The round concentric circles in the centre represent D’s family - D (top) and her mother and sister (bottom).  Her nephews are represented down toward the bottom right hand side, coming from her sister.

The orange section through the middle represents the Milky Way with stars shining and D's love of photographing the night sky. 

The dotted lines are D’s journey lines, with her migration to Australia and travel to various places represented by the smaller brown circles.  The three lines between the circles are travel lines from place to place.

On the left and bottom right are the mountainous and green landscapes of Scotland, one of her favourite places. 

The mustard yellow U shapes around the outside represent D’s friends and family, with the mustard E shapes representing animal tracks and her love of animals, past and present (some up with the stars). 

The squares top and bottom represents D’s love of crochet. Requested colours were D’s favourites – rich autumn colours.

MEDIA: Acrylic on watercolour paper


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