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Macquarie Heads

Macquarie Heads

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Macquarie Heads is located on the West Coast of Tasmania. It is known for it’s salmon farming in the area and for it’s aptly named and hazardous harbour entrance, Hell’s Gates.

Macquarie Harbour has a long history from the convict era and was a place of extreme physical and mental torture.

This image called to me it’s flow of the deep channels a contrast to the rest of the relatively shallow harbour.

Macquarie Heads is a very popular camping destination.

SIZE: A3 (29.7 x 42cm)

MATERIALS: Acrylic on watercolour cotton paper.

HANDMADE: All artworks have been adapted from a Google Earth* view, and designed in an abstract way which creates a special piece of art, a time in place where maybe it doesn’t exist in a few years time, therefore documenting history through art. All artworks have the longitude and latitude included, and you will therefore see the coordinates on each artwork. This means you can put those coordinates into Google Earth and see the location for yourself and how I have adapted it.

CARE: All artwork is unframed. If purchasing a paper artwork, it is recommended you insert your artwork into a suitable frame with matting surrounding the painting.  

COORDINATES: 42o14’09”S 145o14’31”E



*All artworks are a adapted from Google Earth images and are therefore fictional in colour, size and scale. They are not intended to be replicas of the original image.


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