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My Happiness

My Happiness

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My happy place is the beach. I love to put the sand between my toes, the water on my feet, look for pretty shells, fossick in the rock pools and get some sunlight on my skin. It is where I feel completely at ease, relaxed and rejuvenated. I love to look at the interesting tracks the animals and invertebrates create and how the wash of the water create the ripples in the sand. The markings in this artwork represent all those things. The colours represent the blue water, bright yellow sun, the orange lichen on granite boulders here in Tassie and the hot, pink skin we are left with after a day at the beach.

MATERIALS: Watercolour and ink on watercolour cotton paper. Unframed. 


CARE: All artwork is unframed. If purchasing a paper artwork, it is recommended you insert your artwork into a suitable frame with matting surrounding the painting.  


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