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Aussie natives are so beautiful, whether fresh or dried. A black outlines makes all the colours and shapes stand out.
I love painting natives, in an abstract way, full of colour and brushstroke. Natives are timeless. They look beautiful and dry so well, lasting a lot longer than other flowers. But a piece of art will last even longer and look amazing on your wall! 

This artwork is painted on 300gsm watercolour paper.


MATERIALS PRINTS: Acrylic and posca pen on 300gsm cold pressed cotton paper.

HANDMADE: Original artworks are special. I want my art to invoke a feeling or a memory, making you feel something when you look at it. 
I generally mix my colours as I paint, not always using them directly from the tube. There are no prints of this artwork. It is a one off.

CARE: All artwork is unframed. It is recommended to insert your painting into a frame suitable for A2 with matting surrounding the painting.  This artwork can be placed behind glass.

 Artwork will be shipped in a tube.

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