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23. Pregnancy & Motherhood

23. Pregnancy & Motherhood

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STORY: This artwork tells the story of pregnancy and motherhood, and was painted for a General Practitioner who has a keen interest in this area. 

The top left shows a baby in the womb, representing pregnancy and the pregnant patients the doctor sees. The large circle represents a mother (symbol for woman). The three lines between the womb and mother is representative of the pregnancy journey on the way to motherhood. The river running behind her represents the ebs and flows of motherhood, and the path we take as mothers in raising our children. 

The flowers are gladiolus, which symbolise strength. The strength of women, during pregnancy, childbirth and as mothers. There are symbols for women all around showing the respect, admiration and understanding of other mothers, with strength in numbers. 

There are also symbols for children (the U shapes) in the community, our own children, and the children you see in the practice. 

MEDIA: Acrylic on watercolour paper


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