Collection: MY ISLAND HOME

'My Island Home' pays homage to my homestate of lutruwita (Tasmania). The first collection of artworks to be released, features both Abstract and Aboriginal artworks. My artworks have been painted using a birds eye view of the area, either in abstract or Aboriginal art forms. These areas of the state are places I love to go, places that bring me joy, where I feel grounded and relaxed or areas that have unique imagery when viewed from above.

This collection is special to me as it is my state, it’s where I have grown up and where I currently live. Some of the artworks evoke special memories for me, where I have spent time when growing up or during weekends away.

All artworks have been adapted from a Google Earth* view, and designed in an abstract way which creates a special piece of art, a time in place where maybe it doesn’t exist in a few years time, therefore documenting history through art. All artworks have the longitude and latitude included, and you will therefore see the coordinates on each artwork. This means you can put those coordinates into Google Earth and see the location for yourself and how I have adapted it. Using my signature style of colour, brushstrokes and texture brings these birds eye views to life. All artworks will be shipped unframed. Frames not included.

*All artworks are a adapted from Google Earth images and are therefore fictional in colour, size and scale. They are not intended to be replicas of the original image.